T3 Gear Linkage UJ Pins – 251711291 – Now in stock

A few years ago when these started becoming a problem we started offering a machined stainless steel bolt as a solution to worn/broken pins.

Times have moved on with the T3 now, and people are demanding parts that not only do the same job as the original, but look original too.
So, we’re now happy to offer these original style UJ pins for the T3 gear linkage from 1983 on.

They’re very close to the original style, and supplied in Yellow Zinc Plate just like the original.


Ignition Lead Sets – T3 Waterboxer (early and late)

We’ve been making up the HT lead sets for the early Waterboxer engines in house for some time, mainly because the available kits aren’t correct for the earlier engines. Either the wrong ends, or the wrong lengths, or the wrong resistance.

We’ve had to up our game a little though as keeping up with them has become a problem as we’ve got busier and busier over the years.
It also makes sense to have the later kits made too as the prices keep rising. Every little helps!

So, we are now having our own leads manufactured to our spec and with our own branding.
Same original spec. Same quality components. Just made in larger batches to save us time and save you money!

Webshop Link – Early
Webshop Link – Late 

T3 Front Bump Stop (251411123B) – in production now

The front bump stop for the T3 hasn’t been available for a while now, and has become a bit of a problem.


We’ve worked with Powerflex again to produce an alternative in Polyurethane, and have just test fitted and approved the final pre-production sample.

They’re listed on the webshop here and should be in stock in around 10 days.
Webshop Link

T3 Inner Sills – Original Style

As vehicles get older and need more restoration work to keep them on the road, then it follows that originality will become an increasingly important factor in keeping them going.

We’ve seen it with every model of Transporter over the years, as the values increase the importance of original looking repairs becomes more and more important. It’s one of the signs that the vehicle has truly achieved “classic” status, and why we’re happy to be stocking these original style inner sills as an alternative to the repair panel we already sell.

We’ve just had the first delivery so they’ll be showing in stock soon.

LEFT – Webshop Link

RIGHT – Webshop Link



T3 Cruise Control Stalks…

Almost every week we’re asked for the original T3 Cruise Control Stalks.
We’ve gone through all the available options now.
Original T3 stalks are long gone, so we bought all the straight versions from another model that we could find.
We went through the German Language versions and the English too…
They have all now dried up, but people are still converting to GTI and TDI and want to take advantage of the ECU’s cruise control function.

We’ve scoured every model of the era that had cruise as an option and drawn a blank… except this one.

Now, it’s not a perfect solution due to the angle of the stalks when fitted and the modifications required to fit it, but it is the only stalk in the same style as the T3 originals that is now available new with the Cruise Control function.
It’s all explained in the description, so if you want the switches and you don’t mind a bit of messing about to get them, this may be for you.


T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar – Update :)

Judging by the number of enquiries we’ve had for these there are quite a few people waiting for news.

The bars have been sat on the shelf here for over a year now, teasing us.
Michael has had one fitted to his Bluestar for the last 12 months as we’ve gone through the development process for the bushes.
To cut a long story short as the bars are a new development, rather than just a reproduction of the factory 23mm bar we’ve had to fine tune the body bushes to suit.
We’re now confident of the design and a recent 1000+ trip around the twists and turns of the Scottish Highlands has confirmed we’ve finally got them right.

So, the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a product on the webshop appeared today (HERE).
This is the complete 23mm Kit including bushes and hardware to bolt your drop links on.
It will show out of stock now as we won’t take payment up front until they are in our grubby hands… but you can add your email address to the back in stock notification so you’ll get an email as soon as the bushes are here.

Note that this is the “Late” kit for models with the single bolt on the ‘D’ Bush, kit for the earlier models (2 bolts) is on the way.

Bar is made by Eibach, bushes are made by Powerflex, and they’re put together by your friendly neighbourhood T3 Specialist.

Webshop Link


T3 LCD Dash Clock Repair Kits – Just landed!

These have just arrived and are active on the webshop now.
We’ll be fulfilling orders to trade customers next week, but as you can see we have plenty in stock!

We have had enquiries from a couple of US and German suppliers regarding stocking them so you may want to hold on for them if you’re in any of those places, although to be fair the shipping will be quite cheap on them as they’re small and light.

Another Brickwerks product at a very sensible price 🙂


Snugpak PakBoxes now available

You may have seen these pop up on the home page with the new products and think, what are they for Brickwerks? bit of a funny thing to stock, well, it’s our boss….

Thing is, he’s a funny old stick, he likes things just so, nice, clean, tidy, neat. He’s been trying these through the summer in his T3 Westfalia Atlantic and he’s been that pleased with them we decided to stock them.

When you own a camper van then interior space as at a premium, you need to ram and cram as much stuff into the cupboards as humanly possible for a long trip, a lot of cupboard space is not utilised or a lot of time to get one thing from the back or the bottom of a cupboard then you have to drag the whole lot out, irritating! The idea of the PakBox is that they were initially designed to fit inside Snugpak’s range of holdalls and rucksacks to segregate your belongings but they also work great in T3 Westy interior cupboards too! we should imagine that they fit quite nicely in other camper vans obviously.

We’ve also decided to add the Snugpak small wash bag too as it’s a similar size to the small 2l PakBox and works well size wise with the rest of the range and has ample room for your essential kit for a week away in the van.

Made from heavyweight polyester PVC they are very light and strong with zipped entry and a mesh top to be able to easily identify the contents.

Top shelf PakPox 2l, Middle shelf PakBox 4l and bottom shelf PakBox 6l.
Lots of space for lots of neatly arranged luggage.
6l fits nicely in here, enough room to stack a few up.
Or sneak some more at the back or even your wash bag.

Webshop links.

PakBox – 2l

PakBox – 4l

PakBox – 6l

Snugpak – essentials washbag