Heat related Royal Mail Chaos!

After waiting for half an hour after our usual Royal Mail collection time it was pretty obvious that our driver wasn’t coming.

After a quick call we managed to persuade the sorting office to stay open so we could take the mail there ourselves.

Today’s Royal Mail orders have now been deposited in Huddersfield where we believe the Tracked 24 will be dealt with as usual but there may be delays on the 48 hour and international packages.

We’ve been told that due to the weather that we probably won’t get a collection Tuesday the 19th either so again, we’ve arranged for us to take the mail to the sorting office however there is a much earlier cut off time of 12pm.

Were truly sorry about this and we’ve done what we can to mitigate any delays but please be understanding and appreciate that this is out of our control.


Planned Maintenance Warning – 19th July

Now then. 

Just a quick warning to let you know that we’re planning some downtime on the webshop

For all of you “I’m going to France tomorrow and I needed that part desperately” types then you need to be a little bit more organised and order your parts in good time!

On Tuesday 19th of July  you’ll notice the webshop go in to maintenance mode where the propeller heads will be furtling around in the nether regions of our webshop to make some changes and improvements, hopefully back on later that day.

As we all know things like this never go smoothly so please order in good time or be patient afterwards as we play Whack-A-Mole with issues as they arise.

It goes without saying that if you’re really stuck then I’m sure the usual suspects can help you out, Heritage Parts, Just Kampers, Slaughterhouse Customs etc.

Fingers crossed we’re back after the dip with a few more features and less niggles with the shop.



Bank Holiday Closing – June 2nd & 3rd

We have 2 “Bank Holidays” next week in the UK in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
We’ll be closed on Thursday and Friday and will play catch  up on Monday 6th June.

As usual nowadays after a holiday due to the volume of orders it will likely take us a couple of days to catch up, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

Realistically we’ll say midday Wednesday 1st June is “Last Orders” but bear in mind that couriers likely won’t be delivering in the UK until Monday 6th!

Enjoy if you’re lucky enough to have the days off, and if you’re working, we promise we’re not having fun. Honest! It’ll probably rain anyway.

Stocktake delays

Now then.

Stock take over for another year, phew!

Seems it didn’t stop you lot ordering!

We’ve got a mountain to climb on Monday so please bear with us! We’ll do our best to get everything out as soon as we can!

Christmas blah… blah… blah

It’s crept up on us again. I’m sure it was only May yesterday!

We’ll be closing our doors officially for the Christmas and New Year holidays on Thursday 23rd December. All orders placed up to our last collection (approx 3pm) will be shipped, any orders placed after that will be shipped on our return on January the 4th 2022.

All of us at Brickwerks would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas… or whatever you celebrate, and A Happy New Year… Im sure we said this last year but let’s hope things are a bit better all round!
As it feels a bit “groundhog day” in general, we’ve just reposted a pic from a couple of years ago, pre “covid times”.
Lets hope the only “variants” we see in 2022 are those rattly old Aircooled things 😀

Shipping to Ireland suspended until further notice.

Due to a flurry of returns from Southern Ireland for as yet unknown reasons we have decided to suspend all sales to the Republic until further notice.
Reading between the lines from information from different couriers and postage providers there has been some kind of systems failure at AN Post and Irish Customs meaning packages with all the correct info are being returned.
Please see the communication below from Royal Mail.

Royal Fail AN Post
Obviously once the mess is sorted then we will re-enable Ireland as a destination that we ship to.


Premises move complete

We have now moved out of our home of the last 13 years and in to our new, larger unit in the same yard.

New address

SJ Baxter LTD
Unit 3 Bridge Works
Woodhead Road
West Yorkshire

We do not have a telephone, please use the contact page.

Now that we’re in the new place we have a little room to spread out, we’re busy ordering and trying to get some stock back on the shelves now everything has locations.

If there’s something you need that’s showing out of stock please contuact us via the contact page for an update.

Moving – Website Checkout Function Disabled

We have today turned off the checkout function on the website to enable us to move to our new premises. Hopefully this mammoth task can be completed over the next few days and we’ll be back up and running by the weekend.

So… you can add to your cart, but you wont be able to pay or complete the order until we turn the function back on. This is the fairest way we feel as we don’t have your money any longer than necessary!
We have also quite a large backlog of deliveries to book in, which we can start working through once all the stock is moved and locations are updated to our shiny new racking!
Its a lot of work, as its a lot of stuff, but we’ve got to the point where it has to happen and we simply can’t continue picking orders and trying to move at the same time!

We have created a “product” on the webshop…


…which you can subscribe to. Once we are back up and running we’ll put this product into stock and you’ll get an emal telling you such.
Once you get that email, we’re back and you can give us your money!

Hopefully we’ll be back on top by the weekend! See you soon!!



Still closed

The webshop remains closed, sorry!
Productive day (Thursday 22nd July), all the orders we can ship have now been shipped.
All export sales that haven’t paid shipping have been refunded.
All returns have now been creditted.
Friday the 23rd will be spent putting some stock away.
On Monday 26th there will be 2 people here, one on emails, one in stores, we’re going to end up in the same position again where we have a zillion orders and one person packing, basically it’s not fair on one lad to do all the packing so we’re not sure if we will open the checkout again before next week but this is fluid, it may change.
Most recent updates will be here so worth checking back.


Webshop temporarily disabled


Due to an unprecidented (remember that word?!) amount of orders and a high level of staff absence we have taken the regretable decision to temporarily disable the shopping cart on the webshop to allow a little breathing space and to allow us to get back on top of orders that have already been placed.

In 16 years we’ve never had to do this and a decision not taken lighlty but at the moment we can’t see we have a choice!

Once we’re back on top, exsisting orders are packed and shipped and we’ve rinsed through the returns then we’ll enable the checkout again.

Really sorry about the inconvenience, we’ve had a good run so far so in the grand scheme of things the lads in the warehouse have done an amazing job with the work load they have been given.

Again, apologies.