T3 Cruise Control Stalks…

Almost every week we’re asked for the original T3 Cruise Control Stalks.
We’ve gone through all the available options now.
Original T3 stalks are long gone, so we bought all the straight versions from another model that we could find.
We went through the German Language versions and the English too…
They have all now dried up, but people are still converting to GTI and TDI and want to take advantage of the ECU’s cruise control function.

We’ve scoured every model of the era that had cruise as an option and drawn a blank… except this one.

Now, it’s not a perfect solution due to the angle of the stalks when fitted and the modifications required to fit it, but it is the only stalk in the same style as the T3 originals that is now available new with the Cruise Control function.
It’s all explained in the description, so if you want the switches and you don’t mind a bit of messing about to get them, this may be for you.