T3 Front Bump Stop (251411123B) – in production now

The front bump stop for the T3 hasn’t been available for a while now, and has become a bit of a problem.


We’ve worked with Powerflex again to produce an alternative in Polyurethane, and have just test fitted and approved the final pre-production sample.

They’re listed on the webshop here and should be in stock in around 10 days.
Webshop Link

Stocktake 2018

#groan. Here we go again…

This hateful time of year when we have to close for a few days and count everything.

Here’s your warning that we won’t be available to send packages out at a moments notice!

Tuesday 10th April – last day we’ll be sending anything out, cut off time – 12pm promt.
Wednesday 11th April – Closed, no emails will be replied to, no packages sent.
Thursday 12th April – Closed, no emails will be replied to, no packages sent.
Friday 13th April – If we’ve finished counting, data entry and eating pizza at the cost of the company then we’ll start shipping packages again.

The upshot is that we set the stock levels right and we have less chance of the problems we occasionally have where we sell something we don’t actually have (we blame Angus in the workshop for picking things up and wandering off with them!)

Remember that you can track your orders simply by logging into your account and clicking on the “where’s my stuff” link at the top of the page where you’ll find the current status of any orders and the associated tracking numbers (you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know about this feature of the shop!)

Get your orders in early if you’re in a rush to avoid disappointment.