Moving – Website Checkout Function Disabled

We have today turned off the checkout function on the website to enable us to move to our new premises. Hopefully this mammoth task can be completed over the next few days and we’ll be back up and running by the weekend.

So… you can add to your cart, but you wont be able to pay or complete the order until we turn the function back on. This is the fairest way we feel as we don’t have your money any longer than necessary!
We have also quite a large backlog of deliveries to book in, which we can start working through once all the stock is moved and locations are updated to our shiny new racking!
Its a lot of work, as its a lot of stuff, but we’ve got to the point where it has to happen and we simply can’t continue picking orders and trying to move at the same time!

We have created a “product” on the webshop…


…which you can subscribe to. Once we are back up and running we’ll put this product into stock and you’ll get an emal telling you such.
Once you get that email, we’re back and you can give us your money!

Hopefully we’ll be back on top by the weekend! See you soon!!