Busfest Order Collection


Not long now until the world’s largest VW van event!

We’re back trading this year, in our old spot in the corner of the halls.

As the last few years we won’t be selling any parts, just taking a few items to display, no pressure of selling to give us the opportunity to have a proper chat with our lovely customers, it’s not all about the money!

So, if you need any help, advice or just fancy a bit of Yorkshire hospitality then bob past and introduce yourselves.

Again, as in previous years we’ve set a free shipping method on the webshop so you can order your parts in advance and we’ll take them to the show for you, please don’t order the side of a van or anything because it won’t fit in the shop van!


Have a great bank holiday!

Beaumaris, Anglesey

Just a quick note to prove we’re still here beavering away!
To say it’s busy is an understatement!

As it’s the bank holiday we’ll be closed until Tuesday morning when we’ll start wading through the weekends orders, please be patient if you have emailed, you will get an answer just not at 5 past 9 on Tuesday morning!

Have a great weekend, wherever you end up!