Bank Holiday Closing – June 2nd & 3rd

We have 2 “Bank Holidays” next week in the UK in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
We’ll be closed on Thursday and Friday and will play catch  up on Monday 6th June.

As usual nowadays after a holiday due to the volume of orders it will likely take us a couple of days to catch up, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

Realistically we’ll say midday Wednesday 1st June is “Last Orders” but bear in mind that couriers likely won’t be delivering in the UK until Monday 6th!

Enjoy if you’re lucky enough to have the days off, and if you’re working, we promise we’re not having fun. Honest! It’ll probably rain anyway.

Moving – Website Checkout Function Disabled

We have today turned off the checkout function on the website to enable us to move to our new premises. Hopefully this mammoth task can be completed over the next few days and we’ll be back up and running by the weekend.

So… you can add to your cart, but you wont be able to pay or complete the order until we turn the function back on. This is the fairest way we feel as we don’t have your money any longer than necessary!
We have also quite a large backlog of deliveries to book in, which we can start working through once all the stock is moved and locations are updated to our shiny new racking!
Its a lot of work, as its a lot of stuff, but we’ve got to the point where it has to happen and we simply can’t continue picking orders and trying to move at the same time!

We have created a “product” on the webshop…


…which you can subscribe to. Once we are back up and running we’ll put this product into stock and you’ll get an emal telling you such.
Once you get that email, we’re back and you can give us your money!

Hopefully we’ll be back on top by the weekend! See you soon!!



Stock Take 2022

Heads up!
We will be closed for our annual stock take Between Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25th March.

All orders placed up to 3pm on Tuesday 22nd March will be shipped prior to closing.
We hope to start shipping all orders placed after that time on Friday once stock take is completed.

T3 Cab Floor Repair Panels – Now Available

This panel was never available as a repair panel from VW except as part of the complete floor/cab front section.

We now have the left and right floor panels in stock. Suitable for all T3 models.
Panels are drilled for LHD Pedal position, but can be modified with relative ease for RHD applications. If you’re at this level of repair it won’t cause you any headaches!

Another piece of the T3 Jigsaw puzzle in place 🙂

Webshop Links:

Christmas Closing 2017…

Well, that’s another year…

All orders placed before 5pm on Thursday have shipped, and even a couple of Royal Mail packages we snuck out of the door on Friday Morning. Everything else will ship when we come back to work on Tuesday the 2nd January 2018.

We managed to do a couple of “behind the scenes” jobs this morning before doing the back-ups and a couple of computer updates in the new Brickwerks “Nerve Centre” (that’s our posh new office/canteen :D) that we’ve been putting off for fear of it cocking everything up at a time when we’ve been unseasonably busy.

All that remains is to wish all our customers, old and new, a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope everything happens as you hope it will and that 2018 brings you health, happiness and whatever it is you want from your VW.

That’s it… we’re out the door. Just one more very special delivery to make before Chrimbo and then we can maybe open the Quality Street.

Have a good ‘un.


Come on… give us a break!

This is us calling “Last Orders” at the webshop… last-orders

Technically, its not “us” it’s just a photo we found on the internet that suited our needs… just pointing that out before you all rush down to meet our new member of staff!!
Usually at this time of year we have a spotless workshop, and the stores is swept and tidy. We generally have all the deliveries booked in, we’re watching the clock and shuffling delivery notes and flicking elastic bands at Angus.

Today, we’ve had almost as many orders to process as a busy day at the start of summer. Mike is complaining because he’s had to change the label roll in the UPS printer and we’ve got 2 big deliveries from earlier this week to book in!

We’re not complaining though! We like being busy… but it has to end somewhere.
So, we’re a couple of hours away from our 1pm cut off for orders to leave today.
After that we’ll be playing “catch up” with the deliveries and sorting things for our return in the New Year.

Oh… and just for the ladies…


Merry Christmas 🙂


T3 Lower Windscreen Decals

We now stock 3 variants of the lower windscreen decal for T3 models.

Left Hand Drive, Right Hand Drive, and Right Hand Drive for South African models without the wiper “humps”.

These can be fitted with the screen in place, but its “fiddly” as the decal goes under the screen rubber. So, we recommend they’re fitted whilst the screen is out.



T3 Trailing Arms. Here. In Stock. Ready to go!

Its been great to be involved with these from the start.
From the first informal chat with Martin from JP over the desk in Honley a few years ago to unwrapping them and checking them over today…

It’s taken a while, these things always do, but its another step towards keeping our T3’s on the road, and for that we’re thankful there are companies out there spending their time and money on stuff like this…


We have a few set aside for the workshop but the rest are available to order for next working day delivery.

LEFT side

RIGHT side