Christmas Closing 2022

[Noddy Holder Voice] It’s Christmas! [/Noddy Holder Voice]

Yeah, we know… you know.
However there is always someone who thinks that they still have time to get that last minute order in for delivery before Christmas, even at 4pm on Christmas eve so we have to make these posts…
We will close this year around midday on Friday 23rd December, but to all intents and purposes we close when the last Royal Mail collection arrives on Thursday afternoon at around 4:45PM
Ignore Friday. Nothing will be packed or shipped after late afternoon on Thursday. We have stuff to do in the office and some admin tasks on the webshop, but as far as orders… that ship will have sailed mid afternoon.
We have turned off most Royal Mail services now so for most of you that leaves Fedex. Last Fedex collection is around 2:30PM on Thursday. Obviously we have to pick and pack any orders so realistically last orders for shipping before Christmas is Midday Thursday and anything after that very probably won’t be shipped until we return on the 3rd January 2023.

We’ve done this for a couple of reasons… The Royal Mail is snowed under even without the effect of strike action. And we are already past the last posting day for delivery before the holidays anyway, except for the more expensive services such as Special Delivery… which don’t make sense compared to the FedEx option anyway.

Speaking of January, we’ll start processing orders placed over the holidays on Tuesday morning and generally we do them in the order they were placed.
It usually takes a couple of days to catch up on the backlog though, so as ever we appreciate your patience

Got it?
Now who’s going to be that guy emailing at 5pm on Thursday telling us we’ve ruined Christmas because the thing he ordered 10 minutes before hasn’t shipped?

Have a good ‘un!

Email outage

Morning, seems we don’t have any emails, looks like our email provider is having a few issues.

It’s been looked in to and hopefully we’re back online soon.

There’s an temporary alternative email address here if you’re desparate – [email protected]