Still closed

The webshop remains closed, sorry!
Productive day (Thursday 22nd July), all the orders we can ship have now been shipped.
All export sales that haven’t paid shipping have been refunded.
All returns have now been creditted.
Friday the 23rd will be spent putting some stock away.
On Monday 26th there will be 2 people here, one on emails, one in stores, we’re going to end up in the same position again where we have a zillion orders and one person packing, basically it’s not fair on one lad to do all the packing so we’re not sure if we will open the checkout again before next week but this is fluid, it may change.
Most recent updates will be here so worth checking back.


Webshop temporarily disabled


Due to an unprecidented (remember that word?!) amount of orders and a high level of staff absence we have taken the regretable decision to temporarily disable the shopping cart on the webshop to allow a little breathing space and to allow us to get back on top of orders that have already been placed.

In 16 years we’ve never had to do this and a decision not taken lighlty but at the moment we can’t see we have a choice!

Once we’re back on top, exsisting orders are packed and shipped and we’ve rinsed through the returns then we’ll enable the checkout again.

Really sorry about the inconvenience, we’ve had a good run so far so in the grand scheme of things the lads in the warehouse have done an amazing job with the work load they have been given.

Again, apologies.



Service interuptions

Now then, just a quick note to say that we’re currently experiencing reduced staff for various reasons and that we’re running a little behind!

We’ve done what we can today and got all the next day packages out the door but we’ve run out of time with the staff that we do have and the added Brucey Bonus of a quarter of our stock being in another unit down the yard as we’re trying to move premises!

We were hoping things would calm down when the school holidays started judging by the amount of parts that we’d sent out during the various lock downs and that your vehicles would all be in tip top condition by now, seems that isn’t the case! It’s crazy busy and the lads are doing an epic job with what they are given to work with whilst we try and vacate our units.

Returns, we’re behind with those too, we know, we’ll do what we can as soon as we can!

Sorry for any inconvenience, rest assured we’re doing as much as possible to keep parts moving out the door but we cannot guarantee we can maintain the delivery times you’ve come to expect from us, we’ll try our best!

Please also be warned that at some point in the next few weeks (that we’ve not yet decided for obvious reasons!) that we’re going to be shutting for a week or so to give us the oportunity to move in fully to our new base.