Ooooh… Boxes

We know photos of boxes are pretty dull and if we posted a photo of every delivery we recieved you’d soon get tired of seeing them… but this one is a special.

First delivery of the Eibach 23mm ARB’s ready for kitting up and on the¬†webshop as soon as we wade through the rest of todays orders and deliveries!

At this rate we’ll have to put some Saturdays in!


T3 Eibach 23mm Front Anti Roll Bars

These have just landed… To Compliment our own Eibach Pro Kit, we now have the Brickwerks exclusive 23mm Eibach Front Anti Roll Bars for the T3.
Shown here sporting our own Powerflex 23mm bushes…
We’re just waiting for some mounting hardware to arrive and then they’re good to go!

T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar
T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar