T3 Track control arm bush replacement [with Powerflex]

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We did this job yesterday and thought, yeah, this would make a good post for the blog, we’ll take some pictures to show people how easy it is to fit Powerflex replacement track control arm bushes to a T3. Due to their design you can do this job “in Situ” without having to take the arm off and press the new bush in.

Now, here’s a thing… I set off with good intentions but…. As usual the phone rang for me so I got broken off half way through!
When taking pictures of a sequence of work I like to try and snap pictures of the job being done on one side of the vehicle, on this job, sorry, Angus just worked too fast so I missed the bush being extracted on both sides (damn phone…) so this is now a half tale, this is a few pictures of us doing a job with a gap in the middle and taken of different sides of the vehicle! oops.

Sequence of work.

  • Jack vehicle up, axle stands and all that stuff.
  • Undo the track control arm bolt and remove it.
  • Get a block of wood ready.
  • Pry down the track control arm and wedge the block in to give enough clearance to get the bush out.
  • Using a saw we cut the mushroom off the end of the bush, just to make life easier for the next step..
  • This is the missing bit! We use an old 46mm socket and a bit of M12 threaded bar and a couple of nuts to make a little tool to withdraw the knackered bush.
  • Once the old bush is out, clean the bore with a bit of emery tape or some such.
  • Then, and this is the bonus of Powerflex bushes you can simply slide the 2 top hats into place and then slide the stainless sleeve in, Bingo! done.
  • All that’s left is to remove the block and bolt it back up.
  • Obviously changing a major bush like that, taking one out that has crept forward over time and replacing it with a more resilient item that keeps the arm central in is location will have an effect on wheel alignment so it’s always prudent to get this done by a pro, not just some bloke with a tape measure and some string [it does happen…]

Webshop links.

T3 Powerflex Track control arm bushes PFF85-1001
Track control arm bolts.

It sometime surprises us…

..how much is still available for the T3. We’re definately spoilt compared to even 10 years ago with the good quality parts that are available. I remember my younger days of running beetles and T2’s and the only stuff available was cheap cr@p that didnt fit and generally didnt last until the next MOT.

Check this panel out! Genuine VW and still readily available!





Its that time of year again….
Time to Deck the Halls with something and Tra-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-laaaa.

Its also fast approaching the annual Christmas shutdown for Brickwerks.
A time when we take a few days off to reflect on the year past and the new year approaching. A time to eat some pies and drink some ale and eat some more pies.

Maybe Angus will pull a few crackers…

So, we’ll be closed from Christmas Eve (thats the 24th December!), and we wont re-open officially until January the 2nd.
By then we’ll be fully refreshed and raring to go.

As far as the webshop goes, the “landlord” will call “last orders” at around midday on MONDAY 23rd December.
UPS will collect that day and will endeavor to deliver on Christmas Eve.

All orders placed after then will be picked, packed and shipped on the 2nd of January.

We’d all like to take this opportunity to wish our customers the very merriest of Christmases and a fantastic New Year, and thank you all for your support previously and in the future.

Next year we will continue to supply only the best quality parts for your VW, and continue to provide our workshop customers with that unique “Brickwerks Experience” 🙂

The Brickwerks Team

Syncro day!


Just finished a large dose of work on this, ready for collection, we currently have another 16″ on the ramp in a million pieces as well as another 14″ MOT failure and then there’s mine in the welding shop having a new side fitted! Busy busy!

T4 Transporter Front Brake Discs – New NONOX Coating

We’ve seen these filter through for other vehicles, and now have them available for the T4 (96 on – 15″ wheels… others to follow).
We wont go into the details here, except to say that the NONOX discs will look good and perform from the first pedal press… even after standing for long periods (as many leisure vehicles do!).
No more rusty coatings on your discs after a week on the drive!

Read more from Jurid here:
Jurid NONOX Brake Coating


Webshop Link

Uh oh.


Dear 16″ syncro owner, I’m afraid it’s like this….

All is not lost though…
One new set of New 16″ Syncro trailing arms on the shelf ready to go!