Upper wishbone bolt – T3 All* – 251 407 053 A

Secondhand ones are getting harder to find in usable condition, and we’re coming across more and more that are seized/damaged. These can be fitted to all T3 models 2WD and Syncro.
*Early models will require the eccentric washers replacing with those in the related items (early ones only have one flat on the side of the bolt).

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Oof! Price reduction! – Waterboxer Exhaust Saddles.

Unusual for prices to be coming DOWN in this day and age, but the Euro/Pound exchange is helping us out a little, so the stainless Exhaust saddles for Petrol Engined T3’s are now a bit cheaper. Both the Syncro versions and the 2WD versions

Theyre a really nice bit of kit, they’ll last for ever and theyre now about 50% more than buying the same parts in mild steel!

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Eibachs…. back!


Brickwerks exclusive lowering springs manufatcured for us by Eibach. First pallet has just landed!

Long story short… Eibachs used to be our most popular set of springs. Combined with Bilstein B4 dampers they give a sensible drop, great ride, and they’re excellent quality. Eibach stopped production, so rather than lose this product forever we commissioned a batch just for us.

To set them apart from the rest they’re powdercoated Orange… because we like Orange.

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