T3 Fuel Injection Tanks – 251 201 075 AH

Best quality available (this means they fit!) and they also have the swirl pot…
We’ve always stocked and fitted these, as they fit better than “cheaper” alternatives.

The good news is that to guarantee stocks we’ve had to order more… so they’ve just got cheaper!
That means that the more expensive, best quality tanks are now cheaper than the “cheaper” alternatives.

They come in a protective primer, but to last they need a coat of underbody sealant or paint. We use Dinitrol because it lasts longer… changing the tank is a good opportunity to reseal the area above the tank too.





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Budget T3 Petrol cooling system parts.

Just in… a budget alternative to the Genuine VW parts we sell.
Quality appears to be good, but prices are generally around half the VW prices.
So, we have thermostat housings and distribution junctions for the 1.9 and 2.1 Petrol models (late cooling system).

We’ll continue to sell the Original VW items alongside these (for as long as theyre available) but we’re happy with the quality of these parts, so we dont have a problem selling them if you want a cheaper alternative ūüôā

1.9 Thermostat Housing (251 121 115)

2.1 Thermostat Housing (251 121 115 A)

1.9/2.1 Coolant Distribution Junction  (251 121 438 B)

T3 Inner Trailing Arm Mounting Repair Panels

We already sell the repair panels for the trailing arm outer mounts as part of the Jacking Point repair panels (Left and Right), but the inner mounts are also available…

On the webshop you’ll find something which appears to be an “Inner Outer Mount”…

Bear with us here…
The trailing arms have 2 mounting points to the chassis. The outers are just in front of the road wheel, the inners hang from the chassis.
Now the inner mounting are made up of parts…
The part which forms the inside of the mounting point, the part that forms the outside of the mounting point, and a brace which goes between the mounting and the side of the chassis.
Serious rust in any of these will result in an MOT failure. And rightly so!

So… if you have corrosion just the outer section, you can replace it with these:

However… if the corrosion is in the inner section, you need one of these:

As the outer part is welded to the rest, the “inner”¬†¬†section already has the outer section attached.
Clear as mud? Good.

Just to confuse the issue more… the third part is seperate, and braces the complete mounting to the chassis.

So… if you were replacing the lot, it would likely make more sense to get the bracing section too. If you’re just doing the outer section, you wont need it.

Loads of New stuff!

Another day when everything happened smoothly (and the sun is even shining) !

So, a host of other bits and bobs went live on the webshop…
Some “Budget Line” parts which means we’ve sourced an alternative to our best quality stuff which still fits and works, but at a better price.
For example, Petrol exhaust gaskets.
Whilst the Elring Gaskets we stock are fantastic quality, they’re not the cheapest. Over ¬£18 for 6 gaskets if you’re changing the exhaust!
The Budget Line gaskets are 72p each.
Of course the quality doesnt compare, but they’ll fit and work. Just dont expect them to last as long as the Elring ones.

Same goes for the Rubber clutch hose. There are all sorts of dubious quality hoses out there, but these seem to fit, work, and be of decent quality. Not a patch on the specially made stainless braided ones, but a third of the price.

In no particular order…

T3 Coolant Reserve Tank Caps Р025 121 482 

T3 2.0l Aircooled Oil Cooler Seals –¬†021 117 151 A

T3 2.0l Aircooled Vacuum T Piece –¬†071 129 755 A

T3 Rubber Clutch Pipe – Early style –¬†251 722 477 D

T3 2.0l Aircooled Timing Scale –¬†021 119 249 E

T3 Diesel Coolant Flange (Aluminium) –¬†068 121 133 E

T3 Petrol Fuel Pump Gasket –¬†113 127 311

T3 Diesel Injector Lines – CS/KY engines –¬†068 130 300