Left or right?


Another common question we get at Brickwerks Towers is why do we use “Left” and “Right” to describe where parts fit to the vehicle on our webshop and not “nearside” and “offside” or “drivers side” and “passenger side”?

The answer is simple, we sell car parts for vehicles that are both left hand drive and right hand drive to customers all around the world, we cannot use nearside or offside as we have no idea where the customers browsing the site is located nor what their vehicle is and which side of the road that they drive on.

Left and right are used as it doesn’t matter in the world you are, left is always left and right is always right.

Left and right is taken as if you are sat in the vehicle facing forwards.

In the UK where we drive on the left hand side of the road, Left is nearside and Right is Offside, or nearside is Left, and offside is right.