VW LT 1976-1996 Parts and model information

As the first series of the VW LT get older we’re being aproached by more and more customers trying to source parts for these vehicles.

Sourcing parts for the LT is getting difficult, the last vehicles off the production line was well over 26 years ago (correct at time of writing Feb’23) you cannot simply nip to a VW parts department or use your local motor factor anymore to get your spares.

As these vehicles aren’t deemed as cool as some of their more compact bretherin then vehicle parts manufacturers haven’t taken any interest in reproducing parts for them and a lot of the time there simply isn’t the choice available quality wise, a lot of the time it’s take what you can get and live with it!

Luckily in true VW fashion there are a lot of simple parts are shared between vehicles in VW’s range and thankfully vehicles that are more popular but it’s the things like body panels, gearbox parts and such that were only ever used on VW LT models that we’re struggling with.

As you know, we’re known for mainly supplying T3 & T4 parts but we do have a decent range of LT parts and I’d chance saying that we probably have the largest range of LT1 parts in the UK however our LT knowledge is not as deep as it is for T3 and T4.

In an attemp to “get our heads” around all things LT then we’ve produced this little table to help us understand the LT and to help guide customers to products that are on our website as there seems to be a bewhildering array of models, engines, axles, brakes and suspension parts and without a little knowledge then it’s nigh on impossible giving parts advice.

We have a few more tables of information of which we’ll share shortly and hopefully collate into a little tech section but in the meantime this should help some customer understand the vehicle that they own and find some parts on the website.

Model Type M Code PR Code GVW (KG) Front suspension Rear wheels Brakes
>’89 90>
LT28 28x   OWA 2800 Coil Single 250×55
LT31 28x   OWB 3200 Coil Single 250×55
LT35E 29x OWC 3500 Coil Single* 270×65*
LT35 29x   3500 Coil Twin 270×65
LT35Z 29x OWJ 3500 Coil Twin 270×65
LT40 29x M512 OWD 4000 Leaf Spring Twin 270×65
LT40A 29x M350 OWH 3500 Leaf Spring Twin 270×65
LT45 29x M926 OWE 4600 Leaf Spring Twin 270×65
LT50 29x M908 OWF 5000 Leaf Spring Twin 270×65
LT55 29x M384 OWG 5600 Leaf Spring Twin 270×65
LT 35 runs to end of ’89 where it is then split to LT35E (single rear wheels) or LT35Z (twin rear wheels)
* LT35E has it’s own rear brake set up using rear brake drums unique to LT35E. 270X65mm shoes as used on twin wheel vehicles but with a unique drum to utilise the rear axle of the LT28 & LT31

We’ll continue to support the LT and we’re adding new parts all the time but what we are finding is that parts are available, we buy a few then that’s it! All gone and not to be replaced!

If you want it and it’s available then we’ll stock it!

Bellhousing Modifications for 228mm Flywheel

When installing an alternative engine into the place of a T3 Diesel engine then it’s sometimes neccesary to upgrade the clutch to handle the increased torque from the engine.

It’s quite common practice on VW T3 Diesels to install AAZ engines (1.9l TD with indirect injection), GTI engines (usually 2E or AGG) or indeed TDI (1.9 Direct Injection engines such as 1Z, AFN etc) engines as they are from the same AE827 engine series and are pretty much VW Lego.

The original 215mm clutch and flywheel from the VW T3 D / TD will bolt in and work with these engines but for a GTI and AAZ engines then the original 215mm clutch will be marginal if it will slip or not, a properly installed TDI engine will most definatley slip.

There are a couple of things we can offer to help you get your extra power through to the gearbox without slipping on your engine conversion.

The single mass flywheel and clutch is only really recommended for the AAZ and GTI engines, the Dual mass flywheel is recommended for the TDI.
The 228mm single mass will work with the TDI but the dual mass affords a little more protection for the gearbox and the associated harmonic vibrations that the TDI produces that can manifest in horrible rattles from the nose end of the gearbox. It is well known that gearboxes with TDI conversions will suffer accelerated wear due to extra low end torque and harmonics.

The fitting of either of these clutch systems to a T3 is not straight forward job and other parts and modifications are required.

Please see the following 3 pictures that will show you where to grind the inside of the bellhousing, for this you will need a die grinder with a rotary burr that’s suitable for Aluminium and a small angle grinder such as something that accepts Roloc discs.

VW T3 Diesel Bellhousing Modification
Overview of places to modify


VW T3 Diesel Bellhousing mods
Modification to the left hand face.


VW T3 Diesel Bellhousing mods
Modification to the right hand face

Failure to grind these places will result in the engine becoming locked when the bellhousing to engine bolts are fully tightened.

Once the bellhousing is modified then the whole set up can be assembled as normal.

Please be aware that the timing marks will now be missing and you’ll have to mark your own, we suggest that you use the “Full Stop Method” (Sometimes called Positive Stop or Dead Stop method) for accuracy, this is well documented on the internet and beyond the scope of this quick guide.



Input Shaft

Cover Plates

Clutch Release Bearing

Spigot Shaft Bearing

Starter Motor Adapter

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We’d love to turn Royal Mail off all together so customers can’t select it, to stop them asking where their stuff is after ignoring the massive red banner at the top of every page but the fact is for some customers it’s their only choice so we’ll leave it on this time, it’s a bit of a case of we’re damned if we do and damnded if we don’t!