Gear Linkage Relay Lever – T3 (OVERSIZE)

We’re always looking for better value alternatives to parts that dont compromise on quality. And we get a lot of parts that for one reason or another never make it to the webshop.
Usually because they’re a poor fit, or just poor quality. They get confined to the “sin bin” and we use them to throw at pigeons and small children in our lunch breaks…

These nearly went in the bin… theyre an alternative brand of relay lever. On first inspection they looked good quality, nice finish, and well made. Until we trial fitted one. They’re simply too tight in a new cup.

So we waited until we had a T3 with a sloppy gearchange in the workshop. Often this would require at least the relay lever and cup replacing at the back end. In this case we just fitted one of these “oversize” parts. Because the original cup was worn, its a nice loose fit, and the gearchange was improved for a quarter of the price. Bonus!

So, dont fit them to one of our new cups, they’ll be too tight… but if you have an old worn cup and you want to prop it up for a bit longer, they’ll do the job 🙂


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T3 Windscreen Seal – Genuine VW 251845121

Its a bit of an odd one this… we sell an aftermarket windscreen seal, which is fantastic quality. We sell and fit lots and we’ve never had an issue… they fit and do the job perfectly!

Then a Genuine VW seal becomes available. Exactly as fitted originally.
They’re not particularly expensive, and we know people do like Genuine stuff when its available.
The only difference we can see is that the VW seal has the nice grey “talc” coating that VW seals always have… the aftermarket ones dont usually.
We’ve been asked to source one for a customer, so we’ve put some in stock if you prefer Genuine.



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T3 Rear Valance – Genuine VW! Now in stock.

Dont get too excited… well, get a little bit excited 🙂

Its a Genuine VW repair panel, however its the Pickup version.
Having said that, you know as well as we do that the main reason for replacing is rust… and the main problem areas for rust are the corners and the bottom edge.
Luckily the panel is pretty much the same up to where the opening for the rear flap would be.