2017 Stock Take. Sigh.

Its April, that means another Brickwerks Birthday (12yrs old now… soon be a teenager!).
It also means the annual stock take will take place this coming week.
So, after around 3pm on TUESDAY APRIL 4th no orders will be shipped until Friday 7th April.

The webshop will still operate and take orders all through stock take – its our hardest working employee 😀 however no stock will be moved in our out until we’ve done counting. Everything!
We won’t be making any counter sales or picking any orders for collection after 3PM Tuesday either, so please bear that in mind if you’re local.

There are 5 of us now so whilst we have a load more stock to count and a whole extra building to deal with we aim to have it completed by close of play on Thursday.

It’s only once a year (thank god), and we’d rather not do it if we’re honest, but it sets any stock discrepancies right (which is a good thing!) and gives us a year end stock value for the accounts and insurance, so it’s necessary.
We also nearly always find cool stuff that we’ve forgotten about, so that’s another bonus.

Random picture of the new Panel Store…