Thermal Pop Top Screen – T3 / Westfalia

Fits T3 Westfalia pop top campers

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Fits T3 Westfalia pop top campers, simple one man installation Keeps van warm at night, cool through the day. Great for eliminating light transmission through the pop top canvas, ideal for lay ins! Great in wet weather as they keep the canvas dry so no drying out periods. Supplied in a waterproof stuff sack. When dry they can be placed on the upstairs bed and the roof closed onto them so they take up no room!

Note, fastenings for the roof are not included. Most people use a bungee cord (18″ approx) across the rear of the screen – please see related items below.

Unlike some others, this goes around the rear corner of the roof inside the hinge, so you dont end up with a draught between the thermal mat and the canvas.
If the thermal mat doesn’t sit close to the canvas, it wont keep the heat in… its as simple as that 🙂

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