Sticker Set – T3 / Westfalia / Atlantic / Complete

3 Colour Print

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These are exact reproductions of the originals. NOT LAYERED SINGLE COLOUR VINYL!

Digitally printed and laminated to prevent fading (originals were screen printed), rather than being cut from vinyl in “similar” colours to the originals.
Our its are supplied ready to apply, not sent as seperate colours that you then have to try and match up.

Kit includes side stripes and “gulls” for  both sides of the Atlantic models. Gulls have the original look with the clear background.
Front panel decal
Tailgate decal

Digitally printed onto Calendered Polymeric vinyl, nothing unusual about that, its industry standard vinyl for vehicle graphics and our decals are produced by a company with 30yrs expertise in the field.

Please note that at the moment these are only really suitable for White Atlantic models.
This is due to the printing method used for the “Gulls”. They are digitally printed onto a clear background to be as close as possible to the original style.
Unfortunately this means that when fitted to the Red or Green Atlantic the colour appears too dark.

Our printer is investing in new equipment which will improve this, but for the moment we would only recommend these for white vehicles

Usually stocked but sometimes we have to make these items, please allow extra time between order and delivery for this item.

Free UK shipping on this sticker if ordered alone or with other stickers.

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