Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger – 12v to 12v

12v to 12v max 25A

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What is a battery to battery charger? well, it’s similar to our voltage sensing relay but offers “intelligent” 4 step charging.

Think of it as a “Split Charge Relay” but easier to wire up and will charge your leisure battery quicker and in a nicer manner as well as help it last a bit longer.

It simply connects to your starting battery and offers a single output to your leisure battery without having to connect to the alternator.

It automatically wakes up at 13.3v so when you start your engine and the alternator starts charging the unit realises and initiates the 4 step charging process, once the engine is turned off and the alternator stops charging the unit disconnects at 13v so theres no chance of your starter battery getting flattened while you sit there having a mini rave.
The unit has the nice facility to increase the loading on the alternator and to get it to work a bit harder so the battery is charged at a faster rate than a traditional split charge relay could. 

It’s IP68 rated meaning it’s very waterproof! so you can mount it in some pretty inhospitable places and it won’t be bothered.

It has a built in magnetic switch and is supplied with a magnet to set which type of leisure battery you are using to further optimise the charging process.

Size: 230mm x 130mm x 50mm

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