Injector Pipe – T3 / 1.6TD / Cylinder 1

All T3 1.6TD "JX" engines.

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Brand new Diesel injector pipe to suit all T3 1.6TD “JX” engines.

Also suits Iltis 1.6TD “1C” engine.

To suit cylinder number 1

Sold individually.

Please note that this item is from the aftermarket, although made by an OEM, the samples used were 30 years old and they may need slight tweaks and adjustments to get them to sit 100% if you are trying to align them with your original pipes. If they were miles off we wouldn’t sell them but don’t be disappointing when a curve is a mm off!

Obviously they need clamping, we will not honour warranty returns if there is no evidence of a pipe clamp being fitted. Missing clamps are the single most common reason for Diesel injection pipe failure.

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