Headlamp Masks – T3 / Rectangular / RHD to LHD

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These stickers have been specifically designed with the T3 owner in mind and are shaped perfectly to fit T3 headlamps.

The shape of the sticker is such that the light that it blocks will remove the Kick up to the beam pattern that would otherwise dazzle the oncoming traffic when you use your vehicle on the opposite side of the road as to what it was intended.

Cut from quality vinyl in a colour that will be inconspicuous.

Available stickers.

LHD to RHD, Rectangular. Use these stickers for Left Hand Drive vehicles with rectangular headlamps to be used in the UK. These stickers are especially useful to those of you who have imported vehicles and need to MOT the vehicle in order to register it. These stickers are quite adequate for the MOT test as a Temporary fix as stated in the MOT testers manual.

LHD to RHD, Round. As above but for round headlamps.

RHD to LHD, Rectangular. Use these stickers for UK vans (RHD) that are to be used in Europe etc. E.g. a trip to France.

RHD to LHD, Round. As above but for round headlamps.

As usual, free postage on stickers.

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