Clutch Hose – T3 / Late / Stainless Braided

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Stainless steel braided, PVC covered teflon clutch hose, fully stainless fittings.

Made from the correct diameter hose (not brake pipe as we see so many of here!) so you won’t get a heavy pedal!!

From Chassis Number WV2 ZZZ 2_ Z F H 080000, that’s around 1985.

The end which attaches to the slave cylinder is now a banjo fitting. On some slave cylinders the banjo will “bottom out” before it seals.

The only solution in this case is to shorten the banjo bolt by a few mm’s as these are the shortest available. As the banjo seals with the washer under the head so it will seal as long as the bottom of the banjo isn’t bottoming out before a seal is made

Please note that if you have a Post ’85 Westfalia model, there is a good chance you have a different clutch pipe setup. They were commonly fitted with a shorter rubber pipe and a “curly” metal section. If thats the case you’ll need to use the “Early” pipe (see related items below).

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