Turbocharger Mounting Kit – T3 / JX / AAZ / TDI

Excellent Quality Elring Kit

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Kit of parts for mounting various different turbos to the T3 Diesel exhaust manifold.

As the T3 Turbo Diesel models left the factory without a gasket between the turbo and manifold, there is no part number or gasket for that position.
However, some other VW/Audi models with similar turbo flange shapes did use a gasket and this kit covers one of those models.

We offer this for those who are searching for a gasket for whatever reason.

Kit contains:

Turbo to Exhaust Studs x4 * see below
Turbo to Exhaust Nuts x4
Turbo to Exhaust Gasket x1
Turbo to Manifold Gasket x1
Syringe for pre filling new turbo with oil.
Oil return gasket x1 (not required for standard T3 installation).

This kit would be suitable for the JX, AAZ (using JX manifolds), and also TDI conversions using a hyrbrid or original JX Turbo

* please note that the turbo to exhaust studs in this kit are too long for T3 installation purposes, so you’ll need to add the turbo studs below if required.

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