Radius Rod Bush – T3 / Outer

With metal section.

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Outer radius rod bush in rubber.
With cast in metal section.
These are always knackered, leave them too long and the lack of support will cause the radius rod to touch the front cross member causing noises, it also leaves movement in the bush letting the radius rod bush move about a fair bit leaving less than desirable handling.
When replacing them, chances are (99% of the time) you will need the sleeves to go with them.

Leave them too long and the swollen sleeve will enlarge the hole on the cross member, after this the new bushes will always be loose.

These things need changing!

We’ve gone through various brands of these to find the ones that last the longest. We’ve narrowed it down to 2 suppliers out of many – Febi and Birth.
Both are equal quality. Both similar price.

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