Radiator – T3 / WBX / 1.9l only / Alternative

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Aftermarket to suit VW T3 models with 1.9l DF and DG engines

34mm Aluminium core, plastic tanks.

This radiator is only suitable for T3 with 1.9l petrol engines, please do not use on 2.1l or Diesel models due to the limited cooling capacity or overheating could result!!

It’s also worth checking that your 1.9 hasn’t been upgraded to the thicker radiator.

Now, the downside. This is an aftermarket radiator, it’s a manufacturers interpretation of what this radiator should be like, unfortunately it looks like they didn’t trial fit one to a vehicle as if they had they would have realised that the plastic bleed screw fouls the upper radiator mounting and makes bleeding the radiator a bit of a pain.
Ours are no different to anyone else’s, don’t be put off by the above as if you decide to shop elsewhere then you’re going to get the same thing!
What can you do? Before fitting then remove the bleed screw and trim the height of the thumb screw down a little, this should allow the bleed screw to be turned and air bled out.
Alternatively bleed screw could be swapped for a M10 set screw, the O-ring swapped across. 10mm long should do it but please don’t be tempted to overtighten it as it now has a space to attach a spanner, the radiator is only plastic and you’ll strip the threads! You have been warned!

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