Mud Flap – T3 / Rear / Left

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Reproduction of the original style and moulded in rubber not hard plastic so they won’t crack every time you catch them on a speed bump.

Supplied with Stainless steel brackets.

They fasten through the body, as per original so if your T3 didn’t have them originally holes will need to be drilled.

They won’t fit vehicles with factory body kits, so steel bumper models only.

From the factory this style of mud flap used an “expanding nut” which pushes into the body. The fitting for the flaps then push into them.
Not strictly necessary on the rear as you can access the rear of the panel to attach with nuts but necessary on the front as you can’t easily get to the inside of the panel.
These nuts aren’t included in the kit but listed as related items below. You’ll need 2 per flap, 4 per pair, and 8 in total for a set of front and rear flaps.

They have stainless steel plates to strengthen the flaps and hold them in place, and are the best mud flaps available.


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