Headlamp Switch – T3 / Dim Dip

For T3 models with Dim Dip

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Genuine VW Headlamp switch

To suit T3 models with Dim Dip.

(Dim dip is when you turn the side lights on, and then the ignition and the headlamps turn on but glow dimly)

This switch is now obsolete from VW and was only ever used in the UK.

This switch is not going to be remanufactured for an item for such low demand for a system that is no longer a legal requirement.

There is a switch that will plug in and work but it will disable the Dim-Dip system but as the dim dip system is no longer a legal requirement for the UK MOT then this is not an issue.

The switch in the related items below will plug in and work on UK models that have Dim-Dip and has only one terminal missing, said terminal was to feed the DimDip system when the sidelights were used with the ignition on.

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