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Kids and grown ups love it so…

Apparently, its become a bit of a “thing” for parts suppliers to send out bags of “free” sweets with their orders.
As you know, we don’t do gimmicks, offers, or “free” stuff thats not really free.
We could add 10p onto the price of everything, and give you a “free” bag of sweets, but what if you don’t want the sweets? What if you’re diabetic, or just have better taste? 

We do appreciate though that some people can’t make it to the corner shop for their 5p bag of Haribo and prefer to think they’re getting a freebie.
Sooooo… here they are if you want them.
You can now have the best quality parts at a sensible price and a tiny bag of sweets!

Its a WIN-Win situation.
Especially for us as we make a few pennies on each bag… thats if we dont eat em all first!

Bon Appetite! 


Oh… We cant send em to Australia or anywhere  like that, so we’ll eat them for you if you buy them from down under…

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