Gear Lever Repair Kit – T3 / 14mm / Alternative

Alternative 14mm Repair Kit.

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A repair kit for vehicles with a 14mm Gear stick. Please read the following to make sure youre getting the right part, and also the comments below as this is not a “straightforward” replacement.

Please be aware that there are 2 diameters of 4 speed gear lever.

All 5 speed T3 have 14mm gearlevers, if you have a 5 speed gearbox then you can buy with certainty that this kit will fit.

As a rule of thumb, the air cooled vans have a 12mm shaft, the water cooled vans have a 14mm shaft.

Some early CS engined Diesel vans will also have a 12mm shaft.

To be specific about things…

Here goes.
Vehicles up to chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z C 200 000  Have a 12mm shaft.
Vehicles from chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z D 000 001 Have a 14mm shaft

Now, as usual, it’s not that simple! seems like VW ran the 2 diameter shafts along side each other for a little while, so, from 25D 000 001 to 25D 051 380 AND you have special order S799 (injection engines 1.6i and 2.0i) then you also have a 12mm shaft.

We think the best idea is to measure your gear lever before you buy if you are in any doubt, these vehicles are getting old now and will have no doubt passed through many hands and you have no idea what the previous owners have done in the past.

We find the simplest way to measure the diameter of your gear lever is to simply use a 12mm open ended spanner, if it fits over the shaft it’s 12mm, if it doesn’t it’s 14mm.

Now… the technical bit.

VW used to sell a complete Genuine kit for the 14mm gear levers. Then VW stopped making them.
This is an after market alternative for the 14mm gear levers. 

When you buy this kit you will receive all the component parts, in a bag, to put together yourself.
They’re a tight fit, and not ideal in many ways, but this kit comes with all the other components of the original VW kit, so as such is a more
complete kit than the alternative we offer.
So… in short… more components for less money but you might have to put a bit of effort in to get them to go together.

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