Engine Undertray Set – T3 Syncro / TD / Early

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A set of 4 stainless steel plates to bridge the gap between the body and the engine bash plate on  ’89 model year and earlier VW T3 Syncro TD models.

As the engine bash plate changes around ’89/’90 there there are two types of metal plates, early or late. The exhaust silencer design changes and with it the design of the bash plate, early silencers have early bash plates, late silencers have late bash plates.

This set of plates will fit VW T3 TD models with an early bash plate.

The exact chassis number of the change is vague as Austrian models got the later silencer at a different time to everyone else making it difficult to say which set you need as wrong for the year of vehicle parts are often swapped about by well meaning but clueless owners.
Seeing as most hardened syncro fans are relativley enthusiastic then they will know if the have early or late silencer/bash plate set up, that just leaves the recent “I’ve sold my split and wanted something more exclusive with some change” brigade in which case, just buy them, if they are wrong then you’ve got enough money not to bother sending them back and you can happily just leave them in the back of the garage and give them to the next owner when a more fashionable vehicles comes along.

Fittings are included but seeing as they are old vans and often “Mucked about with” it’s impossible for us to cater for what the previous custodians of your vehicle may have done in the past.

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