Bulb – 12v / 1w / LED / Filament / Twin Pack

6000k White Light

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Common Use – Side Light and Number Plate Light

Latest design of LED replacement bulb.
The issue with a lot of LED bulbs is that whilst the LED is brighter than a filament bulb, the spread of light is poor leaving you with a really bright spot that doesn’t illuminate the lamp housing fully.
The solution for this in the past has been to fit a diffuser over the bulb to spread the light.

This new design of bulb is visually very similar to a conventional bulb with the LED suspended in the middle of the bulb. Light spread is much better and you don’t get that bright spot effect you see on the cheap chinese bulbs.

LED replacement bulb made by someone you’ve actually heard of!
We’ve avoided the no name LED bulbs for a long time due to lack of traceability.
These are Ring LED bulbs and are supplied with a 3yr Manufacturers Guarantee.

12v bulb rated at 1w (equivalent to a standard 4w “233” bulb).
Typical use is Sidelight and Number plate bulbs

Sold in a blister pack of 2 bulbs.

Please note that currently no LED replacement bulbs are E Marked and as such they are not legal for road use in Europe on the exterior of a road vehicle.
These bulbs are a step closer to ECE approval as they match the output and light dispersal of standard bulbs.
Currently they are sold for interior and “OFF ROAD USE” only. What you do with them is up to you 🙂


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