Updates continue

Shout At The Computer!
Generic picture stolen from Google image search of an attractive lady that doesn’t actually work here. Notice she’s using builders tools, ours aren’t that clean…

How do, Friday afternoon and the dust is settling from a manic week, Royal Mail is here just taking the last of this weeks deliveries, UPS went not that long ago.

We’ve got a new look for our webshop, Liking it? we are, much improved search, responsive site that works as well on your phone or tablet as it does on your desktop.

It’s still very much work in progress, we have lots of revisions to make to tidy it up yet, uploading the skin was the first step, lots of different functions and fiddly bits still to come.

Yes, we know some of the images are a bit squiffy, some of the styling is a bit odd but we’ll get there, it’s a lot of work!

So, purpose of inane Friday afternoon ramble is to say…

…We’re moving a lot of parts around, splitting categories, creating new categories in an attempt to make things easier for you to find, you may find an empty category, you might find things in the wrong category, we know, we’re on with it.
If you can’t find something then try the search, that’s what we use when we want to find something quickly, most parts now have VW part numbers associated with them so if you know the number the paste it in the search box.
Of course, if you’re really struggling then drop us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
We’ve reduced the workshop loading to help us get on top of all this shuffling about and making a concerted effort to try to get the piles of stuff we have sat here going dusty listed on the webshop, we can’t sell it if you don’t know we have it!

That’s it from us, we’re off to enjoy the start of Autumn!