T3 Rear Seatbelt Kits back in stock!

Huge demand meant we sold out… again…
But we’ve just received the belt kits and theyre back on the shelf!

As you know, they come with a selection of mounting hardware to mount them in the factory locations… including the over engineered (and tested) mounting bracket which replaces the original 2 piece welded brackets (no longer available). This is as close as you can get to a factory kit, with stronger mounting brackets.

The belts are handed as they operate at different angles depending what side of the vehicle theyre fitted to. So there are options in the drop down box on the product description.
There is also an option for Westfalia models (Right Hand Belt only) which comes with the correct rivets to re-attach the side panels should you need them.
You’ll note that there is no Left Hand option for Westfalia models… we would never recommend running our belts through a cupboard or anything else which might effect its performance in an impact.

Panel van owners (and those with campers converted from panel vans) wont have the factory threaded seat belt mountings, but you can fit strengthening plates to the upper and lower points. The reel mounting bracket mounting point will still be there.

There is a fitting guide here which should make it clear how the kit fits and why we prefer to reproduce the factory kit exactly rather than having a cheaper system with reels that encroach into the “living” space 🙂

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