Silicone Hoses – Early Petrol (WBX)

A long time in the making, but now finally here and worth the wait.
We’ve neglected the petrol owners in the past as the Diesel hoses are the ones we seem to get asked for most, but these early hoses are now very difficult to find… so we figured it was time we did something about it!

If youre familiar with the engine bay on the early cooling system, you’ll know the 4 BIG pipes that run around the front of the engine bay as you look in from the rear. Well, these are they.

Manufactured in shiny black silicone (although to be honest other colours shouldnt be a problem as a special order if thats your thing! – approx 6 weeks turnaround). Theyre nice things, and should keep the early petrols going a little bit longer…

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LOWER LEFT – 025 121 103 C           LOWER RIGHT – 025 121 102