New Stuff for LT owners…

Owners of older LT models (up to around ’96) are a little negelected when it comes to parts… we’ve had a few in the workshop lately so taken the opportunity to put some of the parts on the shelf that seem to be common problem areas:

Outer Radius Rod Bushes

Inner Radius Rod Bushes

Upper Wishbone Bushes

Steering Idler repair Kit

Steering Centre Rod (or Tie Rod if you prefer)

The LT seems to be gaining popularity now, so whilst we’re not expecting them to be as popular as our T3 and T4 stuff, theyre there if you need them.
If theres anything you’re struggling with, drop us a mail, we can always have a look.

We also stock most service bits for the earlier LT models, and also workshop manuals and probably out best selling LT part… Clear Indicator Lenses 🙂